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Dip Spit and the Inevitability of Genius

An Essay by Cornell Whiffman, LPN

The journey began in Springfield, Ohio, Chicago, Illinois, 16th century England, or depending on your view of fatalism was merely one more inevitable domino to fall between the first big bang and the one that will be last. Dip Spit is an idea whose time has come. Were it not for the three above pictured idiots lucking into it, rest assured it would have manifested intact in another distressed town, by three other distressed and aging men. Don't believe me? How many people do you think invented the lightbulb in 1879? 23 dudes invented lightbulbs in 1879 (Lemley, “The Myth of the Sole Inventor” via Thompson at The Atlantic). And like Thomas Edison before them, Dip Spit will take the stage, engage, then fuck your ass up like in a car crash. Dip Spit: The word is getting around.

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