Folk Heroes & Coke Zeroes are Sweet

The mighty photographer Jennifer Taylor is responsible for the original photo on the front of the site, and many more photos of us, and even more attractive bands. She's also a filmmaker! Behold her!

The Gem City Podcast has become one of the best assets and resources the city of Dayton has to offer. They also interviewed us twice. So there's that.

Todd the Fox, along with Jay Madewell at the legendary and much missed Rock & Roll Playdate, was the first person to recognize that we weren't just idiots. Idiots yes, but not just idiots. Also, he and his band are phenomenal.

The Sounds of Bustown is a magnificent Columbus focused local music interview podcast hosted by Jacob Huffstetler (of the mighty Skashank Redemption) and William Mount. 

Over the Top, am I right? I mean, have you seen this movie? It's so good. Pick it up and send us a message. We'll be right over with snacks.